What we set out to do?

This is a beauty center that was founded out of our love for harmony and esthetics. Our center started four years ago as a reference point in the field of beauty and corporal remodeling in Iasi. We take great pride in our care and dedication to our customers’ needs and expectations.

What guides us?

We have a simple business philosophy: to dedicate the talent and passion of our professional team to creating services that improve the mental and physical tonus of our customers.

What characterizes us?

Our values are built around experience and customer orientation; therefore we have made things in such a way that a day spent at Royal Beauty Center is not just time spent in the beauty parlor, but rather a unique experience.

The principles that guide our activity:

  1. We respect the quality standards of services and professional conduct.
  2. We respect our customers, our employees and all the other categories of people involved in the company.
  3. We maintain a healthy and prosperous organizational culture that sustains the aims of the company.
  4. We care about safety, health and environment and by no means would we negatively influence them.